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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Ideas Keep Pouring In

It's funny that after I have come up with a novel idea and have pretty much gotten ready to post my official summary up for NaNoWriMo profile that every one around me has decided to give me even more ideas to write about.

Understandability these are all great ideas. That is the problem the ideas are so great that I want to write a novel with each one. Talk about a mental overload. My first mental thought is "Why didn't you tell me about this idea two weeks ago when I was dying for original thoughts?" I don't express vocally this thought mind you. I just smile and nod. Still the idea is there and screaming within that grey mass I fondly call a brain.

So here I am sitting here wondering if maybe I should use one of these great ideas instead of the one I came up with myself. Wondering if my idea is really as good as I thought it was to begin with. I know I won't truly know until I start writing the story. By then it will be too late. This means that I really need to make up my mind now and hope that what ever I choose to write about turns out to be great.

Well there are dishes calling my name and I still have to get a little sleep before work ( 3 am comes early). I hope everyone has a great night and an awesome weekend.


  1. Gotta love friends. Although you're braver than I am. I get a little nervous when I think about using an idea from someone else, unless it's my husband. I take the joint ownership thing to heart. Hehe :)
    Glad you have an idea now though. Good luck!

    Hey, what's your Nano name? We can be writing buddies. I'm candicebeever on there too.

  2. I think I would get more nervous if it wasn't for the fact that most who give me the ideas have no interest in writing. My son's father is always telling me "I have an idea and could write it myself but I just don't want too".

    I did add you to my writing buddies list right after I saw this comment. I am using my pen name on there as well (K.D.Storm) I have my pic on there too so I think you will recognize me.

    I am going to try my best to keep writing articles and short stories up until the day of NaNoWritMo. My way of practicing juggle many balls in the air at one time :)We will see how that works for me LMAO!


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