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Friday, January 29, 2010

Finally! Justice For Bobby Wagner!

He was loud at times. Could work a person's nerves to no end. He had a talent for making a person want to pull their hair out. Inspite all of those things he didn't deserve death. Bobby Wagner was the type of person who grew on you in time but once you got to know him you would realize that he did have a kind hearted side. He could be a nice person.

I met Bobby a couple of years before he was murdered. He was a friend of friends of mine from one of my many jobs. He did try to get me to go out with him once but he wasn't my type. While he was hitting on me he told me that he thought his estranged wife (Crystal) was trying to kill him. I didn't think much of it. Like many of our circle of friends I just thought it to be a statement resulting from too much drinking and a ploy for sympathy. I would realize that I was so wrong.

A couple of years later I went to the store for something and noticed Bobby's picture on the front of the Macon Telegraph. I thought to myself "Oh my goodness! He went nuts and killed Crystal." Many times I had seen Crystal mistreat Bobby and figured that he just couldn't take anymore. Especially since they had a mug shot picture of Bobby.

When I read the article I realized how wrong I was. Crystal had killed Bobby with the help of a guy she was sleeping with in a hotel room while their two year old child was present. They had chopped him up in ten pieces and discarded as if he were trash. A very sad ending for someone who was doing his best to get his life on track.

I think what really adds insult to injury is the fact that she has used the defense that he beat her. Then she said Shay held her captive while he did it (The guy who helped her). She has blamed everyone but herself in this mess. She took a father and mother from their child as well as took a father from another child out there.

Soon she will go on trial. She will be facing the death sentence. It's taken five years for it finally to come down to this but she will now have to answer for the crimes she had a hand in. The time has come for her to pay for her actions.

I am hoping in this that no one tries to turn the bad guy into the victim or the victim into the bad guy. Sadly it has already started to happen. I have seen the articles. I have read the comments on this crime. One thing no one seems to remember. Every time Bobby tried to move on with his life without Crystal she would step back in it. She had the "I don't want you but no one else can have you" type mind set.

I am also hoping that it brings to light about the fact that men are victims of domestic violence as well. So often men are not seen in such a light. Instead they are the ones who do such a thing. Not ones who suffer from it. I really hope that if nothing else Bobby's death will bring this to light. Because the truth is in the end one can see the damage she did to him. No matter how loud she tries to scream she was the one who suffered. Maybe finally there can be justice for Bobby Wagner.

A Dull Day In My La-La Land


I have cleaned up my computer a little today and went looking for some new graphics. I screwed up the other day and accidentally deleted the graphics I had. They were some really good ones too. I can't remember the key words I had used to find then before so I have to find a whole new collection. I have found a few key words I used before but am still going to have to go trolling a little for new ones.

I returned to the land of the norm last night. Was able to sleep at might which I am going too pay for tonight when I go to work and want to go to bed at eleven instead of something like stocking the cooler but I will hang in there and do it anyways. Mentally whining the whole time mind you but I will do it all the same :).

It wasn't so cold today at the bus stop. I only had to defrost for about five minutes instead of the traditional twenty I have gotten use to. I am not embracing this understand. The reason being is because of the fact that the only reason it's warmer today is due to the fact that is suppose to rain tonight (WONDERFUL!!!!).

No major plans for the weekend. Just going to be a bum and write mostly. If it's not too cold I might play outside. One of the great things about having kids. One can play outside and no one thinks it's odd. As long as one remembers before going out to take the child with them LMAO! LMAO!

I know this is a pretty dull entry but dull or not I am writing everyday in order to improve skill as well as forcing the habit. So even if nothing major is going on at the time I must write, write, write! I am going to troll the net for a few things that I hope helps to trigger that writing mojo a little. So I hope everyone has an awesome day!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

When I Least Expected It

I have never been one to be lucky in the area of life that deals with love, romance, and relationships in general. Sometimes it's been my fault and other times it's been the other person involved. Regardless of the reason I have been hurt and I won't lie I have hurt (I am ashamed to say). Through it all I have never given up on the fact that there was someone somewhere out there for me.

Well a while back I decided to take a break when it came to the matters of the heart. I was tired of the dead end that I seemed to always arrive at when it came to romance. I knew what I wanted (and still want) from a relationship and knew that the route I was going at the time wasn't getting it for me if you would.

I want someone who accepts me for who I am. I want someone who accepts my flaws and celebrates my gifts if you will. Someone who understands my passion for writing. Someone who is happy that I care for them but also have the wisdom to give them their space when they need it. Someone who I can grow with and who can grow with me. I want more than just the physical thing (which is also good to have and needed in a healthy relationship). I want a relationship that in time grows into something deeper. Something that is full of both love and respect. Something that can last forever. Something that has a chance to honestly last through both good and bad times in life.

A while back I met someone who I had a few things in common. I am not naming him but he knows who he is. It was by chance mind you. I mean we found out we had taken the same picture in there area I live in. Then as we talked we found out that we had actually had crossed paths a few times in the "real world" but due to reason neither of us realized accidentally passed each other by. It actually got a little spooky how we had either walked by each other or just missed each other in different time periods of our lives.

A friendship developed with some light flirting and then without really realizing what was happening (at least on my end) something more came out of it. I found myself thinking about him when I was trying to write. When I was at either of my jobs I couldn't wait to get home to log on to my computer in order to see if he had left a message. His very name would and still brings a smile to my face.

It might seem a little odd how we got together to some people but those who I hold close to my heart will tell you that I have never smiled brighter or walk with such a light heartness in my step. He is a wonderful person and thinks I am wonderful too (How can one not help but think that LMAO LMAO!).

In some ways we are different. We see some parts of life differently. We have traveled down the paths each has needed to travel to become the people we are and I do believe it was to make us each ready for the other. I dare say he has actually gotten me to believe in soul mates. I honestly think that he is mine. That I was made for him and he for me. I don't know what will happen in the future. I do know that I see wonderful things for us and I do in my hearts of heart believe that he is the one that I have been waiting for all my life. :)

I Thought My Aunt Fanny Was Cher

When I was a little girl I had this weird way of putting things together. For some reason I would come up with conclusions that to this day I never understand really how or why. I think one of my more funny ones was about my Aunt Fanny. One that my classmates here in Georgia would be quick to point out was an error to say the least.

Aunt Fanny is my father's sister who lives in Mobile. She is a very daring and funny woman who has this way of bringing out the best in people. Whether she knows it or not. She also has a way of making people feel comfortable with them selves. A trait that I will always admire in her.

Now when I was younger I would go visit my father for the summer. It gave me a chance to see relatives who lived there as well as give my mother a break. The summer I was either eleven or twelve I found out that my Aunt and my cousins lived out where my father both lived and worked. This of course gave me a chance to visit more with my Aunt and cousins. I actually spent the night with them quite a few times.

My Aunt Fanny had a perm and long hair at this time. She also had cable which at the time would show concerts from some of the best artist of that time period. Donna Summers, Wham!, and of course Cher. I remember watching the Cher concert. I kept staring at her hair. It looked just like my Aunt Fanny's hair. It didn't dawn on me that it was a popluar hair style. I just thought that my Aunt was a singer and just wasn't telling anyone. I just couldn't figure out how she was doing it.

I didn't express my thoughts to any of my Father's side of the family. I didn't ask Aunt Fanny. I kept this to myself. Every time the concert was air that month I was even more certain. When I got back to Macon I didn't ask my mom exactly what I was thinking but I did ask more and more questions about Aunt Fanny.

Things like did she sing? Was she ever married to a guy named Sonny? Things of that nature. Maybe if I had of asked I would have saved myself some ribbing later on down the line. Still I figured if it was a family secret that no one wanted to get out. I wasn't going to ruin it by any means.

That is until I got to school. My friends were bragging about how they spent their summers. Trips to Disney World or Six Flags. Camping trips and picniks. Finally I couldn't help it. I spilled what I thought was the beans. "My Aunt is Cher and I spent the summer with her." I bragged like a child that age would brag.

"No she isn't" this one girl at school answered. She was always putting me in my place and making me feel bad. Inspite the fact she was my friend.

"She is and I did!" I insisted. "She is a great singer who was My cousins and her spent the summer living out in my dad's apartment complex where he works."

No one said anything. They did laugh at me. ALOT!! The next day someone brought the tape cover in to school to prove me wrong. I got a close look at the picture and realize she wasn't my Aunt Fanny. My Aunt Fanny was prettier than Cher. This also opened me up to a lot of teasing for the rest of the year on how I thought my Aunt was Cher.

From that moment on when I thought one of my relatives might be a famous person I checked with my mom. I figured she might laugh at me but at least she would let it die after a few days. Plus I would be the laughing stock of the school for making a mistake :)

A Little Mental House Cleaning

So I have decided after a great deal of thought that writing for WriYe is just not for me. As I said before if it's only causing me a form of writer's block then it's just not for me. I guess it also didn't help that I am a lot older than most on there and found that it didn't seem as I was a welcomed presents. Like the mom at a teenage party almost. Not really wanted for fear that she might ruin the fun. Oh well!!

Understand no one treated me badly on there. They all seem like a great bunch of people. Still one must go where one feels comfortable and can blossom. That wasn't the case for me. I relate better to my friends on NaNoWriMo. They are closer to my age and understand the ups and downs that we might face as not only as writers but as parents/employees/spouses/ students. So I feel I made the right choice on that one.

My Aunt Fanny had surgery today. Something that I had been worried about. She is an awesome person that one would benefit from knowing. I am not just saying that because she is my aunt. Ask my cousin or my Aunt Nancy. They will tell you I am correct on this LMAO! Seriously, the memories that I might have about her are few but those memories are deep and wonderful all the same. I must take down to write one that is rfeally funny. omething I am sure she didn't even know. I am sure both her and my cousin would get a HUGE kick out of it.

I have decided to clean out my computer and start combining a few files. I am sure that is going to be a huge task since I have never met either a site or a file I didn't want to hold on to. I really must get some flash drives before I have a sever issue. I have many graphics, family pictures as well as stories I have written that I just don't want to lose. It will be hard to figure what goes and what stays but will all the same.

Well as short as this is I must go for now. I am wanting to get a few things done before heading to bed for the night and it's already close to 2:30am Georgia time. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. God bless :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lightening My Load A Little

I have been thinking really hard and I have decided that I might need to cut down on a little of my blogging. Meaning I might need to delete that blog on my WriYe blog. I get so upset with myself becausse I am not posting everyday that I feel as if I am not allowing myself to be free to write. I mean really write. I will keep the one up for showcasing the writings I have but I am thinking that this should be the only one I do for my actual posting. Just so I don't get so overwhelmed. I will write on my writing as well as my life in general.

I joined a site last Friday night called "The Next Big Writer". I had been reviewing but I didn't have the money to do post. Now I am posting and I am pretty content with the feedback I am getting. I am thinking that I could do better and after reading the work of others I know I can.I feel in a way that I am not writing at the same level as they are. These people are outstanding writers and when I read the work before me I feel as if I am a fake at best.

It doesn't really depress me. It just pushes me to want to do better. To be a better writer if you will. The more I read the more I think I can improve. I am thinking that this is how it is suppose to be. If I want to make a living at this I need to embrace it more than anything.

In my personal life things are going pretty good. I have a wonderful man in my life who makes me smile on a regular bases. When I hear from him I feel as if my day is a lot brighter if you will. Our relationship isn't like the normal fairy tales one hears about but it works for us and that is what matters :) .

Well I need to go for now. I want to take a nap before another night at the salt mines. I have told myself I am going to be more aware of those who are around me. Try my best to see how they can apply in stories that I write. We will see how that goes. Well good evening everyone and I will be back soon.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just Another Day

This week has been pretty aveage and yes even a little boring for the most part. No major dramas or really out there people to date. Granted Friday hasn't come yet. The major weirdo day of the week. I mean there is something about Fridays and clubs that seem to bring out the freak in some.

I have been trying to shake this cold that just doesn't want to go away. It lays domain for a coupke of days and then BOOM! Out like gang busters to make my life feel like crap. I guess I should count myself blessed. Many of those I care about have had to deal with a helluva lot worse. So I guess I can deal. I just wish that I could stop coughing when I lay down. It is such a pain. I am curious as to whether or not that counts as stomach crunches. Feels as painful. Just no swear to go with it-LMAO LMAO!

Okay enough with the mundane stuff. I mean no one really wants to have to read about how I washed dishes, played and lost many games of my newest addiction (It's Paul's fault-LMAO LMAO). I do my best to try to make my writings interesting but I can't make any promises. I just write what I feel when I feel it and then go from there :).

There has been one issue that has been bothering me. I am thinking that most parents have to del with it when they have children who go to school and ride the school bus. My son is having a problem with bullies and the bus driver seems to be a bit clueless about trying to help out with it. I have had a couple of talks with him about the issue. He says he will fix it but I have seen do true change to date.

So be prepared everyone. Going to use the next best thing to call attention to it. I am going to write about it. I will NOT allow my child to have to endure such things. It's my job to be his champion and I promise you I will. Well I am off for now. Hope everyone has a great day :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

They Go To North Macon And Never Come Back-606 words

As a little girl I grew up on the south side of Macon. Anyone from Macon will tell you it's a pretty rough place to grow up. I lived there from the time I was five until I hit the tender age of eleven. Then we moved up to what was seen as at the time the "better side of the area". We went from Bruce school, Mr.B's, and Powell’s Pharmacy to Rocky Creek Foods, Jessie Rice, and Colony West. Where instead of hearing gun fire every night you only heard it on the weekends after everyone got their paychecks and stocked up on their beer.

Through all of this I use to have a day dream. One that was shared by many of my friends. We are talked about getting good jobs and moving to the "good side of town." The never seen but always talked about North Macon. For all of us North Macon was the promise land. The gun fire was rare, the houses were beautiful, and all those living there were rolling in the dough. You hardly heard of someone on our side of town crossing over but when they did you never saw them again. It was like they fell off the face of the earth and never came back.

Now as an adult I know that what happened was these lucky few who didn't have cars and were now going to new schools just adapted to their new environment. I mean if you got a chance to go to the "promise land" you didn't want a reminder of the hard times you had to go through to get there.

Still as kids we all had very overactive imaginations and a taste for what for us at the time was the unexplained. The idea that we were just fading memories in our once playmates minds didn't register. Instead we were hungry for a mystery and a mystery we invented.

We decided that North Macon didn't really exist. Instead it was like Never Never land, or Oz. Just a place the adults told us about to make us do better in school. That the truth was that those who went to North Macon had actually fallen off the face of the earth. I mean we had friends in the neighborhood who went to Jones County and came back. They went to Monroe and came back. Everywhere but North Macon.

We would ponder for hours to what happened. Some believed that once they crossed over they just vaporized (The kid in our group who was a sci-fi freak). Others believed the government took them and put them in work camps (The girl who read too much about World War II). Then there was me. I thought they had been swallowed up by the earth. Never to be seen again. (I was the Stephen King gal of the group).

It wasn't un til years later after I had went to Georgia Industrial Home and express my views to a friend about North Macon that she laughed her butt off at me. "You fool! You are in North Macon). She informed me. That was when I realized that even though it was a little nicer it wasn't anything more than just another place in Macon.

Not a promise land. Not Oz. Just another place where there were more backyards than there were apartments. Needless to say I was more than a little disappointed but was able to show later that you could go to North Macon and still return to the south side. It was just who would want to.