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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Letter To Me

There’s a site I post a lot on called . They have a lot of talented writers who I am always finding are sparking the flames within my inner muse. Well one of the writers wrote a post based on a song called “Letter To Me”. For those who aren’t familiar with it, the song is the older version of the singer writing to his seventeen year old self. The lady who invited us all to write on the subject encouraged us all to write our own letters. This is the results of mine. I wanted to share it on here as well…

Letter To Me

Dear Seventeen Year Old Me,

I know it's been hard for you. You have been through so much in such a short time. Life is going to feel as if it's always working against you. It might feel as if there is no one you can trust but let your guard down and you will be amazed at what you find. Don't assume that because others have hurt you that the ones around you will do the same.

Cherish every moment you have with those you love the most. Hug your brothers and sister. Kiss your Grandfathers a little more. One day they won't be there and you will regret every moment that you lost. Let all those who mean the most know how much you love them. Let them know that they are always in your heart and nothing will change that in the grand scheme of things.

Remember that the path that you want to take at this moment isn’t the only path around. You might get mad because things aren't going the way you want them to but that's why you bend so you won't break. There are going to be other chance to do things that are beyond your wildest dreams. Savor those chances in life. Don't create moments of regret for the chances you refused to take.

Listen better in class and think less of that boy who ring you are wearing. In a couple months he will fade from your life. You will soon see that cute doesn't always make the guy right. That science and history you are disregarding now will be needed for the rest of your life.

Don't burn bridges you will later need. Just because they pissed you off know doesn't mean that they won't be the very bridges you will one day need. Be careful about judging just based on the rumors. Trust your heart at what the person in front of you. Your faith and support will be what that awesome but sad person will need.

Be wise. Don't embrace those who say only what you want to hear. Those same people will be the ones who stick the knife in your back. They will kick you when you are down. They will have you crying and on your knees.

There are some many beautiful things you are going to experience. So many mistakes you are going to make. Never give up on yourself. Never be afraid to shed a tear. Never hold back a laugh. You will find each has it's own purpose in the grand scheme of life. Make the most of every moment. Each will fade faster than you like.

Above all remember this piece of advice. Hold it close when things seem to be scary or when you feel overwhelmed. You aren't alone. When it all feels so not worth it remember your life matters and that you will make a difference. Even if you don't see it in the heart of the storm. Please remember.

Love Always,
An Older Me :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Way Out Part One (Fiction)

As I walked down the stairs I inhaled the wonderful smells that danced in the morning air. Frying bacon, syrupy pancakes, and coffee brewing. My heart did a little dance of joy. It meant that Daddy was up and cooking breakfast. Mama never made those things. For her a big breakfast was Special K with a dash of skim milk and a grapefruit half. "It's never too early to watch your figure Ashley." she would always say if I even mentioned I was still hungry.

Usually as she eyeballed disapproving my baby fat that hung in the usual places. I never argued with her. Never told her that other girls my age had the same baby fat hanging from their cheeks, stomach, or legs. I knew arguing could lead to bad things. So I would eat my breakfast in silence. Wishing instead for just a taste of Daddy's special breakfast.

"Hi Honey!" he called out in a cheerful voice that I could see didn't quite meet his eyes. I knew that meant last night had been a bad one. I thought I had heard angry voices in my dreams but I had grown so use to them that I didn't even so much as stir. I guess I was hoping that it was just a dream. Seeing the way Daddy was slumped over the counter I knew it hadn't been. I slid in my chair while telling myself I would be the perfect kid today.

"Did you sleep well?" he put my plate piled full of eggs, bacon, and pancakes. I looked over my shoulder towards their room to see if she was coming out to join us. If she did I would have to pick at my food and act as if I didn't have an interest in it until I was given permission to leave the table. The whole while my belly would be begging to devour it.

"Don't worry Honey." he patted my hand "She is sleeping in today. I think she has one of her headaches" he sat down at his seat and began to dig into the plate he had fixed for himself. It was piled with almost as much food as my own. Daddy loved to cook and he loved to eat.

Neither were things that Mama approved of. He use to tell me about how he dreamed of being a cook in his own restaurant before he met Mama. Then she took over his life and decided he should be a manager at a bank instead. The money was good but at the age of eight even I could see that Daddy wasn't all that happy with the job. Still it was easier to work at a job that he didn't like than it was to challenge Mama. She had a way of making a person pay if they dared to challenge her.
As I chomped on the crisp bacon I tried to figure it out. Why Daddy would allow Mama to be so mean to him? She wasn't all that pretty from what I could see. She was beautiful mind you but just not pretty. Her face was too harsh with bitterness and age. Grandma had told her once that all that anger would age her early in life. She turned red from embarrassment. The next day Grandma was put in a nursing home. I hadn't seen her since even though she was still alive. I wasn't allowed to. It was against Mama's rules.

Daddy on the other hand reminded me of a roly-poly prince. Handsome and happy when Mama wasn't around. He would laugh deep and with his whole body when he was tickled by something. Something that didn't happen very often since Mama was around almost all the time. Like a jailer making sure her prisoners didn't escape.

"So what are your plans today?" Daddy scooped the last bite of food in his mouth while he waited for my answer.

"Was just going to do my Saturday chores like always." I gathered up our plates and toted them to the sink so I could wash them.

" I will do those Honey." Daddy pushed me out of the way with care before taking over my task "You should be outside playing like other kids."

"Mama said that playing outside is a waste of time." I reminded him "Besides no one wants to play with me." I had never really had friends.

Every time I made one Mama would do something crazy to scare them away. Like screaming at the top of her lungs they were the devil or telling their mother that I was a bad kid. She didn't want anyone to take time away from her. It was as if she felt she was all we needed. Even if she was always treating us like we were her slaves.

" I know but I don't agree with that. You need to run and play like other eight year olds." he sighed before picking up another plate to wash. "Go make sure your room is clean and then come back down to see me." I did as he said. Not out of fear like I did for Mama but because I couldn't help but want to please Daddy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Writing Progress Report

It seems I have am returning back to my normal writing schedule. I got over a 1,000 in yesterday and I have a well over five hundred today. I would have liked to have a higher work count but not going to cry over spilled milk. Just going to keep my eye on the fact that I am making progress. Praise myself over the good and I will do my best to improve over the little hurdles that I am facing.

I have gotten a little bit of organization done. I have some notebooks for my novels. As much as I love my computer nothing can replace the feel of notebook paper and pen when I am writing. I doubt progress will ever replace that feeling. To see one's words in ink and dead wood. What an awesome feeling it is for me!!!! Guess I am a little old school when it comes down to it.

I started a new blog the other day. Going to try to test it out. I am thinking about blogging for money if I can. Try to get a feel for it. See if there would be an interest for what I am writing about (Thirty Something Dating In 2010). I am not just writing about my little dating mishaps but things I ponder when it comes to the battle of the sexes and being single. I am hoping it will be a fresh view on an age old topic.

I am also thinking of creating a page on Facebook for each of my little blogs. Not saying that my work deserves it. Just figuring that maybe I can drum up more readers by doing so. If anyone is interested let me know and I will send an invite to it.

Well there isn't much more to say at the moment. I need to help Connor with his homework. He would love it if I forgot but of course I won't. He is having a little trouble staying on task. Something we share I am afraid. I hope everyone has a nice night/day (depending on where you are located).

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No Jumping, Skipping, Hopping, Or Running?!?!?! Aw Mom!!! No Fair!!

Connor was taken off his walker yesterday. He was so happy. He was enjoying the attention the first day but it got old very quick for him by the second day and beyond. I mean let's be real, how can one make a seven year old bundle of energy stay off his foot. Outside of sitting on him (something I entertained a time or two in the last week) there really isn't a way. Ask any parent and they will agree without a doubt. Not that he didn't try to use it to get out of homework as well as picking up his toys. He realized quick that it wasn't going to work.

For those of you who don't know what happened, here's the scoop. Connor was playing outside with friends last Monday. As with most children in that age group within a flash of an eye the boys went from a happy playful group to a band of bickering boys who wanted to fight. Usually when this happens Connor is their target because he is a bit of a gentle giant (Not a saint. I know better than that). He was pushed off the porch and landed wrong on his foot. Causing it to become severely twisted.

To quote the doctor "He's foot turned the way God didn't intend for it to turn." he went into a splint for seven days and is not allowed to play with those children anymore. Harsh? Maybe but I am not going to allow these kids to bully Connor. They will just have to find another victim.

He had to go on a walker because even though he is tall for his age, he is still a little short for crutches. The doctor had visions of a return trip where Connor's chin would need medical care. So he had to use a walker (BTW- The walker had to be purchased in a town over because NONE of the medical supply shops carry such a thing around here).

He was given a walking cast yesterday on his return visit to the doctor. He was in a seventh heaven. Until he was told the following. No running! No jumping! No skipping! No hopping! He wasn't too happy about this to say the least. He said at the bus stop this morning "Aw Mom! No fair!" This was after finding out that he couldn't play tag at the bus stop like he use to in the mornings.

He has to wear the walking cast for another three weeks. This is going to be hell for him to say the least. I mean how do you prevent a force of nature (Which anyone who has met Connor will agree whole heartedly) from being a force of nature. So needless to say I am the bad guy for now but he will thank me when he is older and his ankle has healed properly (Who am I kidding? No he won't! LMAO). This will be an interesting three weeks to come and I am betting inspite my "unfair demand" of him, he will be running, skipping, jumping, and hopping before the end of the day. That's if he hasn't all ready. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Attention Ladies!!!!!!!!! Please Read!!!!

               Beware of This Man!!!!!

This man is making a living by ripping off women in the areas of Middle Georgia, New York, as well as Arizona and even Texas. He claims to be a single man who has been divorced since 2002 but the truth is he is still married. Once he has gotten you convinced to lower your guard he will steal your money. As of February 13,2010 there has been a felony warrant placed on him by the Macon Police Department after he stole $1,300 (Theft By Taking). As of yet they are not sure if his wife is also involved.

He lives in Kathleen, Georgia to date. He was arrested in the Texas area back in 2002. He is 42 years old and DOES NOT HAVE A JOB!!! He travels in order to make money scamming and robbing people. He has claimed to work for Enmark, Timco, Fillers, and Shell just to name a few. He has also claimed to be a student at Mercer and Macon State (BOTH LIES!!!).


So be on guard. If he tries to befriend you on the net or seems to know a lot about you then run the other way and fast. Don't become yet another victim of his scams. Please pass this on to any of your friends you might think would find this of interest. It's the only way we can prevent him from doing this yet again to another woman.

The names he goes by:

Anthony Durso
Anthony S. Durso
Tony Durso
Sebastian Durso

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Awesome Writing Day!

                                                                                          February 10, 2010

                                                                                          6:27 PM (Ga Time)

This has been a very good writing day for me! My word count as of right now is a whopping 5273! For once since the New Year has arrived I have hit and surpassed my goal I have set for myself. The funny thing??? I haven't even stopped writing for the day yet.

I still have a couple of more sites to write for, another short story, and maybe some poetry for good measure. I could get as high as maybe 10k by the time I enter my word count for the day. Even if I don't I am still grateful for the fact that I have at least hit my goal for the day. I am already pass the weekly word count I have been averaging for the past couple of weeks.

I have had a few ideas boiling within my head. I am thinking that I will do a collection of short stories for a book. I have just read Ford County By John Grisham and Just After Sunset By Stephen King. Both a collection of short stories. Both are awesome works by some great writers. That's why I am thinking I could do a collection.

Over the years I have read some great works by some very talented writers. Short stories have always been my fav for things like waiting at doctor's offices as well as waiting for cabs and what not. I mean usually I can knock out three or four stories within about thirty minutes to an hour.

Depending on the length of the story. I have a talent of getting lost in a great story if it's well written. I can leave the world around me behind and be transported to another place when I really work at it. The bonus being that with a short story I can pull myself back into the real world when needed.

This is what I am wanting to create for others. A world that offers an escape for just a few minutes while they enjoy the works I have poured my soul into. Maybe at the same time I can get a person to think, feel, or even pull a little emotion out the reader as they read what I have written.

Well I am going to get busy getting back to work. I will return to update my progress. I am hoping I can finish the novel by the end of the month. Not sure but going to try my best. I figure about ten short stories at about 3k a piece will give me a decent work count of about 30,000. Give or take of course. Then I will do a little editing as well as get my little brother to design my cover. Something he is good at. I should have it all together in a couple of weeks. So wish me luck and I hope everyone has a great week.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another New Week & Another Shot At Goals I Have Set

I am still struggling to obtain the ultimate goal of 5,000 words a day. I have been working at it for a month and a couple of weeks now and haven't come close to reaching my goal for each day. I haven't given up. I have to push my sleeves up and get busy taking care of business on this end.

I have decided that until I can get my routine set for my word count that I will be limiting my time on both Bejeweled and Collapse. I enjoy both but neither will help my writing career outside me being distracted from it. So I will use them as rewards as I did with my chocolate during NaNoWriMo. Since I am now on a diet now I feel that chocolate or any other form of food for reward might derail the whole thing. I have already cheated on my diet this pass week and I am hell bent on getting back on the right diet trail.

I bought the book Ford County Saturday night at Best Buy. You would be surprised to find that they are amazed when people actually buy a hard back book. I had more people patting me on the back. Not sure if they were laughing at me or actually shocked that people still buy books. Maybe it was the fact that it was one less book for them to deal with.

The point is that it's a collection of short stories based on a group of towns people at different stages of life. I have already read three from the collection and was thinking that it would be kind of cool if I decide to do the same with a book about people from Macon. I am sure if I did a few people would be worried (or maybe they wouldn't-LMAO). The point is that I know quite a few who are in my mind story worthy. It would also make writing a novel so much easier (LMAO).

Well gonna head out. It's almost three am and I need to get a nap in. It's looking like Connor won't be going to school tomorrow but I might be wrong. It's one of those wait and see deals. Just in case I will have to be one my toes. Hope everyone has a great week.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lacey's Secret (Possible Flash Fiction Entry) 487 words

" You will never guess who came by today?" Sharon reached for the chilled bottle of wine and topped off the two glasses before continuing. "Lacey Morgan. Doesn't that beat all? I haven't seen her in ages. I think it's been about five years if that." she sipped on the cool wine as the spring breeze tugged at her hair.

"She wanted to know how I was doing. Asked me if there was anything she could do for me. Isn't that something? The woman has two kids and is working a full time job and wants to help me out. You can't beat people like that! That Lacey is one of a kind to say the least."

"She looks as if life hasn't been all that kind to her. Her eyes had these deep circles under them and she has taken up smoking. I would have never thought she would do such a thing but then again we all do things we never think we would do. Wouldn't you agree?" She sat in silent. Waiting for him to put his two cents in. When he didn't she continued. As if she were getting something off her chest.

"It was strange how she had this Zippo that looked like the one I gave you for your thirty-five birthday. You know the one with your birthstone in it? It even said to Gregory with love. I don't remember what happened to it. Didn't you said you left it in a bar or something?" A sad sigh slipped from her lips.

"She showed me pictures of her children. One of them made me think of you. He had these eye as big and blue as the heavens. He even wore this impish grin that seemed to always hang from your lips. He looked the way I had always thought our children would have looked like if we could have had them. I think I am going to visit her more so I can spend time with him."

She looked up at the sky and then at her watch. She started gathering up the leftovers from the picnic. "I need to get going Darling. It's getting late. It will be dark soon and I know how you hate visitors after dark. I warned Lacey about that when she said she might stop by to see you. I gave her directions and I do hope she comes.

She knows how you left me without a word. She knows I still come see you everyday inspite of that. I swear I saw tears in her eyes when I told her. She looked so sad for me." Sharon stood up. With basket in hand she was ready to go but it was as if she couldn't make herself leave. "I still love you even though I know Lacey's secret." Then she turned from the tombstone. She walked towards her waiting car to head home.

Copyright © By K.D. Storm

Different Shades Of Gray In Life

I saw something on tv the other night that took me back in time if you will. There was an image of a me that truth be known I didn't really know. I was a little amazed by the youth in her face. I knew she was still really amazed by the world and the truth is that image of that girl who was once me held another outlook on life. One where things are black and write. No grays were allowed for wiggle room. Things were either one way or another.

Time and learning experiences have taught me that there are a few shades of grey in life. There are always more than one side to a story. Heroes are in truth are human and make mistakes. That life doesn't always go the way you either planned or felt it should go. No one is totally bad or good. We all have a dark side. We all have a side that's willing to surprise those on how we offer compassion to causes that for reasons only known to ourselves we hold close to our hearts.

I have also learned that inspite all these things that a person has to change over time. Sometimes for the good. sometimes for the bad. Still they change as they travel down the different paths of life. It's how they handle these changes that help them become the people in time they will become.

I think that by learning these lessons in life each day we become better people because of it. We are able to grow into the people not only that we want to be but those we are meant to be as well. As we morph into the different stages of life we must not dwell on the mistakes we make. Instead we should look for the hiddenn lessons and do our best to avoid mistakes of the future. It's the only way to arrive to that place we are meant to be in life.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Better Writing Month In February

I am sitting here waiting for my mom to come pick me up and figured that I would make use of this wait time by doing a little writing before heading out. I am also use to when her popping up about the time that I am working something timed like this (using my write or die program). I figure this would be a great time to reflect on my January writing as well as set my goals for February.

I didn't do as well as I had hoped for January. Between the little things in life like going to work as well as getting sleep in between shifts of Connor coming or going to school sadly I have allowed my writing to take a backseat (Bad Kim! Bad Kim! LMAO). I am not going to beat myself up over it. Instead I will look at the pitfalls for January and try to avoid the ones I can for February. Besides if I spend time beating myself up over it I will fall more and more behind. That of course will not so by any means.

I know one is getting caught up in playing those blasted addictive games on Facebook. I know that between Collapse and Bejeweled laced with my new founded need to be top scorer have put a major monkey wrench in my goals. So I will of course be cutting down on both. I am not allowing my self to play either until I have at least put in a good three or four thousand words for the day and only for a few rounds. If I want to play more then I have to write more. It's a reward system I used back last November when I wrote my novel.

I have also allowed myself to take on too much. I was babysitting the neighbor's daughter back in January. Sometimes she had to work late so it would cut into my writing time I have allotted myself for the evening before going to work. By the time the little girl had left I had so little time that instead of making the most of it I just would take a nap or watch television. No more of that of course. The family has moved which is sad but relieves me of my babysitting duties and of course I can get Connor to draw a little bit while I put in twenty minutes of writing time.

I have pulled out of WriYe but I am still sticking to the goal of one million words for 2010. I just don't think joining the group it's self was for me. Even if the idea it's self is a good one. I will of course continue the challenge with Inkygirl and I have also rejoined the writing a post for everyday for a month. That challenge is more my speed I do believe.

My goals for February are very simple. I am going to work towards my word count goal. I am going to be working on some pieces of flash fiction to enter for a contest for The Next Big Writer. I have already put out a post on a few of the sites I write for (, Tokoni, and NaBloPoMo). Going to place the same little post in Red Room this afternoon.

I have asked my writing/reading friends to be readers who can give me feedback on the best stories out of what I write to figure out which one I should enter for the contest. I figure that would be the best way to pick out the best of the best if you will.

I have been thinking about writing a book about the women who have touched my life, inspired me to be a better person, or just won a place within my heart. I know so many women who have had that effect on me. I don't think I will have a hard time writing it. I think the hardest thing will be trying to narrow it down. As I said there are just too many to pick from. I think it would be a wonderful read that is well overdue I feel.

I am also looking forward to a writer's convention that will be held here in Macon come the end of February. It's the Crossroad's Writing Conference. There will be a lot of outstanding writers there doing work shops from what I understand as well as people who have yet to be discovered to fellowship with. I am counting down the days til it's time. This will be the first one that I will be able to attend and if I can I will be the first one at the door outside of Chris of course but he's a work horse anyways from what I have seen.

I feel it's about time for such a thing around here. Macon has a lot of outstanding writers as well as Georgia in general. I am glad they will finally be getting their due. I think that even though Macon brags a lot about our music and our artist sadly enough our writers have been overlooked a little.

Of course there is the monthly meeting for NaNoWriMo which I am also looking forward to. Everyone I have met from that group seems to be an awesome bunch of people and I look forward to getting to know everyone as time moves forward. Everyone has their own offbeat sense of humor and of course I am going to embrace that since I am a little offbeat as well.

Then there is Valentine’s Day and tax returns. An event at A.P.'s (The Men of Playgirl). Plus I will be moving this month. So as one can see I will be busy, busy, busy! I should have many things to inspire me to write many stories, poems, the ramble musing or two.

So off I go to take on the month of February. I hope it's as good of a month for everyone else as I am sure it will be for me. Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Little Help From Writing/Reading Friends

Okay guys and gals... I'm about to enter in a writing contest where I'm a member of the site. The goal is to write an original piece of flash fiction. It has to be five hundred words or less. It can be of any gene. It has tto be entered by March 1st. The prize is a hundred dollars and a publishing contract for that piece to be featured.

This is what I need. I need for you all to read the ones I post. I will label which ones they are in the title. I need suggestions for editing, originality, and of course whether it's a piece that can hold interest while grabbing a person's attention.

Don't worry about hurting my feelings. I have tough skin. Be brutal. Be honest. Tear me apart if you wish. This is how I want to make my living in the near future and have to handle this sort of thing. If I can't then I will never make it in the biz.

Thanks for everyone's help ahead of time. I should start posting the stories starting Thursday and will let everyone know which one I choose to use from there. Thanks ahead of time for your help.