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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love...When I Least Expected It

I have never been one to be lucky in love. I have taken a lot of lumps to the heart in the name of love. I had actually gotten to the point of building walls around my heart. If someone talked about spending forever with me I ran because I knew it to be a lie. I would just wait because I knew in time that they would find something better than me (I know. Not a good way to be but it was how I saw things at the time).

I decided a couple of months ago that I wouldn’t love for love anymore. I would only look for friendship and be happy with that. I would put my energy into my writing and my son. Not in a bitter way as some people would do. Just tired of the dating game and coming up with hurt when it was all over. I was tired of all those questions that would pop up within my head. The ones I wondered what was wrong with me. What had I done to push people away?

So that is where I was in life when it happened. When love swept me off my feet and I meant him. The one for me. His name is Jose. It started simple enough. On a social site I have a profile where I seek out friendship and play a few online games. I don’t go on there often. Actually at the time that Jose and I met I hadn’t been on the site in over three weeks( was trying to limit time on there to put my energy into my writing).

When I logged in I saw a message waiting for me from this attractive guy sitting on top of a tank (Yes a tank). That of course caught my attention. The message was a simple. One where he introduced himself to me. It was a couple of weeks old and so I thought I had missed my chance but I decided to answer the message all the same. Crossed my fingers and hoped that I wasn’t too late.

It wasn’t. He answered me back pretty quick. From there we sent messages back and forth until he sent me his number so we could text and talk on the phone. Then my computer got hit with that virus. That was the day I first heard his voice. Oh what a sexy voice it was too. We ended up talking for hours at a time. Learning everything we could about the other.

By the time we laid eyes on each other there was this connection. I felt as if I had known Jose all my life. I recognized the other half of me. He was the one who was made for me. We have been in a relationship ever since.

Come Friday we will be moving in together (I am relocating to Americus). We are really excited to start our life together. I am sure there will be some bumps in the road. There will be times that we will drive each other up the wall. Still with love, understand, and compromise we will get through it all hand in hand.

It’s amazing what happens when one least expects it in life. I would have never thought that I would have found love with an awesome guy like Jose. Now I am planning on spending the rest of my life with him. Isn’t life’s little surprises awesome?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Changes In Life

Change can be an awesome adventure in life. It can be a mind blowing horrible tragedy in life. It can be something that you need at the time. Even if you do not realize it. It can be a choice that you set out to make. It can be something that sneaks up on you like a shot in the dark. Change is a fact of life.

No one has learned this better than I. It seems I am always going through a change of sorts. Whether it is taking my writing to another level or moving into a new place. In the past ten years I have learned to resent change. I have learned to embrace change. Regardless I have accepted that change will come. There isn’t a way to stop it.

Now I am in the heart of change. I have met the love of my life (Will go into more details in future posts) who accepts me for who I am. I have left a dead end job that was filled with disrespect and seemed to weigh me down in other areas of my life. I am getting ready to move to another city where I will start my new life with the love of my life.

During all these wonderful changes in my life I have also been able to maintain who I am as a person. I am still passionate about writing. I still love to snap pictures. I still enjoy just sitting and enjoying the sounds that swirl around me.

As I said change can be an awesome adventure in life. I am buckled in and ready for it all. I can’t wait to see the adventures that I will be taking on. Can’t wait to start making all the memories that I know that we will be making.