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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Other Creative Outlets In Life

Writing is my passion in life but I also have other interest outside the litary world. As I have gotten older, I have found myself wanting to try out other things. I am sure I will not be good at everything I try but I feel by developing other hobbies I become a more rounded person. So here are a few things I am trying my hand at just to see if I can do it.

1. Baking- I have enjoyed baking since I was able to cook. My Grandmother Meyer taught me how to make biscuits from scratch. They were some of my happiest memories with her. Now as of late my cousins have sworn she was not a very good cook but I remember making those biscuits and every time I make them they fly off the table.

Lately I have found that I am decent at making themed cakes. For my son's birthday, I made him a birthday cake that looked like a cheeseburger. He has already put in a request that his cake look like a hot dog next year. Lucky for me I have a year to practice.

 2. Sewing- I have this urge to create a few simple things out of cloth. I would love to see a tablecloth on the table that I made. My friend Dawn gave me a sewing machine so I am halfway there. I have looked up patterns and have found everything from t-shirts to underclothes. Once I learn how to load up the bobbin, I will be able to put thread to cloth.

 3. Photography- This is another outlet of my creativity. I think it is in my family blood. My father is an outstanding photographer as well as my Aunt Nancy. When I go for a walk or riding in the car there so many beautiful things, I love to capture through my lens. See two of my brothers can draw like a dream. I have always been amazed they their talent. The closest I have ever come to it has of course been with photography. I guess that is why it calls to me.

4. Gardening- I have been reading up on gardening since Jose and I have moved here to Americus. It is not just a way to make one's grocery bill a little cheaper but also a way to create art with nature. It is like a living testimony of woman and nature coming together to help a new life pop out of the ground.

 There you have it. My other creative outlets I have or about to explore. I know they might seem simple but the truth is that they are a way to help me become the well-rounded person I want to be in life. I would love to hear what other outlets you all use to express yourself.


  1. I enjoy baking pies and experimenting with different ingredients. Soup too. And sauce. I only recently became confident as a cook, so this is a new creative outlet for me.

    1. Inspite the fact I have been cooking for years I have only recently dared to step out of the comofrt zone and try my hand at new things in this area

  2. I enjoy photography, too. I also had a friend teach me to knit a couple years ago. I can't do anything too fancy, but I can make hats, scarves and baby blankets so I'm happy. :)

  3. Sounds like our grandmothers did a good job in passing on some skills that are both rewarding and enjoyable. I love to bake, grow my own vegetables and while I don't sew like I used to, I still take treasure the ability to do it when I need to.


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