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Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Photo of The Week: Libby the Dog

This is our dashund Libby. We got her back around the middle of October from my boyfriend's former roommate. He was working more hours and was not home much. When we found out, he was giving her away we took her in.

 Inspite looking like a toy dashund she is actually a full-grown dashund. Back when she was born, the guy who ended up giving her to us actually gave her to someone else first. They could not care for her the way they should. Due to lack of money, they fed her cat food because they had it on hand and at the time, it was cheaper for their budget. Sadly, Libby suffered malnutrition. To make matters worse she also has a birth defect that makes her blind in her left eye (Not related to the cat food). The ex-roommate ended up taking her back when he realized that they were not caring for her properly. Now she lives with us.

 Libby is not a high-strung dog but she does enjoy playing outside with our cats. They let her pounce on them even though they are actually bigger than her. She is my shadow when she is not outside playing. She lies at my feet when I write. She sits in my lap when I read. If we would let her, she would also get in bed with us at night.

 She is so adorable as anyone can see. That is why I picked her for out of all my pictures as the photo of the week.

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  1. She's cute! I bet she's happy to be back with you.


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