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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What I Demand From The Books I Read & Myself As A Writer

I am a very active reader. I devour books by many different writers. I do not care if they are what is in style now. I do not care what trend they may or may not fall under this week. All I care about is whether the book is something I can consume with my mind. I care only for what each word says and if it will keep me, thinking long after the ending has arrived.  I want to feel the passion in the characters. I want to get so tickled by their actions that I am laughing like a mad woman. I want to be so touched that tears roll down my face.

I demand a lot from my books and the writer. I mean if I am allowing a book to steal the time it takes to read it from my life it better live up to the unspoken promise of being more than just good. It better leave me wanting more while making me feel satisfied.  

Books have always been my escape in life. The writers that pen them are to me the gatekeepers of the worlds they create. When I read I feel as if I am stepping into the heart of the writer. That the desire to tell their stories surpasses even the need to breathe.

This is also, what I demand from myself as a writer. I want anyone who has taken the time to read my work feel connected to me somehow. I want to touch someone. I want to make them think. I want to make the reader feel. I demand no less from myself than I do those who I read.

I am not sure if this is wrong. I am not sure if I am being too demanding of both those I read as well as from what I write. All I know is that I feel as if this in the end will make me a better writer. Does anyone else find himself or herself demanding so much from them? What is your requirement from the books you read? What are the demands that you place on yourself?

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  1. We start looking differently at the books we read when we become writers and authors, don't we?

  2. When I first started writing, I wanted to be remembered, the way Shakespeare is remembered! I've grown a lot more realistic now.

    As for the books I read, I think I want to inhabit other minds and other perspectives. I love a book that questions what I believe in.

  3. When I choose a book, I want the story to entertain me. Not every author writes like Stephen King or Ernest Heminway, but if the words can keep me reading until the end, this to me is good writing.


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