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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rolling With It

I am not a very good planner. I can plan for weeks at a time and something will come up that will throw a curve ball in everything. Perfect example, I wrote a month’s worth of blog posts by hand (including this one) then something happened. I do not remember what it was but whatever the wrench was that was thrown into the works it is now there glaring at me.

The problem is that once I am derailed I have a hard time getting back on track. A whole process can be very exhausting. It is one of my flaws I am working on as I move forward in writing. i know I have to be flexible but that is easier said than done.

I am not sure if this is an issue that all writers have. I know I cannot be the only one. What do you do when this happens to you? Please share. Also, stop by all the awesome blogs that are in the Insecure Writer's Support group. In addition, if you have a moment and think you are brave enough sign up for 2012 A to Z Blog challenge.


  1. Sometimes I need a day to regroup when I get derailed.

  2. Pre-scheduling posts and google calendar save my life. I can put things together ahead of time and then, when life is crazy, I'm still okay. Hope it works out for you - new follower :)

  3. We all fall off the wagon and get derailed, too. Best thing we can do is pull ourselves back up and get back to it!! Hang in there! I'm sending support from the IWSG!! :)

  4. I take a break when things like this happen. Even a small one like going for a walk or practicing yoga. The best way for me to get back on track is to take a mini-vacation. Camping is the best therapy & it helps put things into perspective. Good luck to you.

  5. I have problems getting past the BLEH when I take a break from writing. I try to write something everyday. If something comes up, I write in my journal. It might be a sentence or two - but I get to write.


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  6. Nice to meet you. Good luck with A-Z. I look forward to your posts.

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  8. I hope you're planning for the A to Z Challenge!!

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  9. I'm with Jaime on this. If something happens to throw you off course, take a step back and let it leave you mind. You'll serve no purpose in stressing about it. Go back to whatever it is with a fresh perspective and get stuck in again :)

  10. I agree with Jamie and Jaime lol!

  11. I think this is pretty normal for the creative type. We can be intense on a project, then forget all about it when something new enters our brain. Pause, refocus, and create something new.
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  12. Here's to April and the A to Z Blogging Challenge. See you there.

  13. I've reconciled myself to the fact that going off course is the way I write. I always plan things out, but something comes up... In Draft 2, I piece it all back together again.


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