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Friday, May 18, 2012

An Award To Brighten My Day

I was honored to find that the gifted and talented writer Gossip_Grl who writes Just You Wait!! One Day I Will...  has rewarded me a blog award.  Go check out her blog. I can promise it’s one of the best blogs on Blogger.

There are a few things I must do in order to have the honor of showcasing this beautiful award. Answer the 10 questions, list 10 random facts about myself, and then nominate 7 other fabulous bloggers who I enjoy.

 The Ten Questions

1.What is your fave song? There are many but right now I lean towards Lose Yourself By Eminem. That song really speaks to me. It seems to push me towards taking a chance on myself.

2. Favorite Dessert? Anything chocolate. If it has coffee in it then it is a double bonus.

3. What ticks you off? Hypocrites.

4.When you're upset what do you do? I cry and I do not talk.

5. What is your favorite pet? My beautiful animals (both cats and dogs) I see them as my furry children. I can’t pick a favorite from any of them.

6. Which do you prefer black or white? I love black and white photography.

7. What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is cars on jacks when they are being worked on (long story).
8. What is your attitude? I am a hopeful romantic who is a realist.

9. What is perfection? To me perfection is accepting one’s self as not being perfect. Flaws and that messy thing that is life is perfection.

10. What is your guilty pleasure? Bubble baths and candles with a good book.

Ten Random Facts About Me

1. I love motorcycles.
2. I played the trumpet in the high school band.
3. I was in the newspaper when I was in middle school for winning a writing contest. For some reason they thought it was amazing that someone with AD/HD could write.
4. I have been in two television commercials in my lifetime.
5. I was once married in a Feed and Seed store.
4. I saw The Exorcist over thirty times at the local drive in when I was four (Explains a lot lmao).
5. I can not watch The Exorcist as an adult.
6. I have two dogs (A pit and a dashund), eight outside cats, and as of right now three puppies until they are weaned from their mother (Sophie had babies a couple of days ago).
7. I haven’t met a chocolate I didn’t like.
8. I love the ocean.
9. I can’t wait to turn 40 (only a year and a half away).
10. I have wanted to be a writer since I was seven.

Seven Fabulous Bloggers Who I Enjoy

1. Mum of Adult Kids-This is a great blog about life as an adult parent as well as life in general.

2. The Other Side Blog- An interesting blog about RPGs, Horror, and Gaming.

3. Ready, Steady, Mummy -  I always enjoy reading this blog. It’s well written and insightful.

4. Finding A Skinnier Me- I can relate to this blog. I have the same ups and downs that this blogger writes about. It’s an awesome blog.

5. Jaimee Hunter Online- A blogger with great writing style.

6. My Next 20 Years- When I found this blog I kept going back. It just hooks a person.

7. The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment- I started reading this blog during the A to Z Challenge. I have learned a lot reading this blog.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Bit of An Interesting Writing Week For Me

This week so far has been an interesting writing week for me. I am walking on clouds and seeing rainbows. I know a bit dramatic but I think that writers are entitled to the dramatic from time to time.

As I mentioned last week I signed up to write for Yahoo. I set up my profile and then checked out the different areas that Yahoo has to offer. I think I expressed in here that I was a little nervous about writing for them. I had gotten it in my head that I wasn't good enough.

I mean I was checking out the different profiles and I kept seeing all these letters for degrees that other writers had. There were so many BAs I thought I was looking at a bowl of ABC soup. It can be a bit much for a someone who has a GED, some tech school, and a correspond school certificate (I am not even sure if the school is still in business).

After receiving encouragement from all of those one here who offered it and a few people in the forum for Yahoo I decided to dive in. I went to the assignment desk for Yahoo. Something that a lot of the regulars suggest I didn't do.

The assignment desk is usually for the most experienced of writers on there. It is loaded with topics that requires one to keep word count low while writing their best stuff. To add to the pressure you also have some short deadlines (A weak point for me).

Long story short? In a week's time I have had TWO pieces published. The best part? One was the advance payment system! One had a deadline to be done by the 20th and the other was for the 25th. I finished both in to days and I edited them too!!!!!!!

I am including the links so you all can check them out if you want. I am going to push myself to get more published. It feels like everything I have worked for is finally coming together.  

My Articles That Were Published

1.How I Escaped that Dark Place Called Depression
2.From Fairy Tale Weddings to Nightmare

Monday, May 7, 2012

A to Z April Challenge 2012: Reflections

I am proud of myself for completing this challenge. I was not sure that I would be able to when I signed up. I mean I hoped I would but life does have a habit of getting in the way when I have tried to do something like this in the past. I am just glad that this time that was not the case.

The challenge helped me a lot. There were many times throughout the month that I did not feel like writing. There were days I would have rathered be doing anything besides writing. Still I knew I had made a commitment and I had to see it through. I can't say that I always did my best writing but I wrote. That for me was a major milestone for me.

The challenge forced me to work pass any issues I was having writing wise. I wrote pass the mental pain of being blocked on some days. I also learned a few new terms in the process.

I also was able to check out some awesome bloggers. Everyday was an adventure as I would click on blogs I had never heard of. There are a lot of new people who I have followed and am now reading. I feel lucky to have discovered them.

For me the A to Z April Challenge has helped me to get on the right track writing wise. I can't wait until next year's challenge. I can already feel the ideas forming as I write this. Thank you all who have started following me. Your support helps so much.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Insecure Writer’s Support Group & Remembering Avery

It’s the first Wednesday of the month which means it’s time for Insecure Writer’s Support Group. For those of you who aren’t in the know the Insecure Writer’s Group is a group of writers who post the first Wednesday of every month.

We talk about our insecurities and rally around our fellow writers to offer mental support. If you are interested in joining us just click on this link Insecure Writer's Support Group.Everyone is welcomed. No insecurity is too big or too small. Now on to my insecurity of the month.

Remembering Avery

Before I dive into the Insecure Writer’s Support Group post I wanted to take a moment to honor a very special little girl who passed away Monday afternoon. Avery Lynn Canahuati was a five month old little girl who’s parents started a blog with a bucket list for her after it was discovered she had a rare disease that affects many children under 2 called SMA.

It’s a heartfelt blog meant to give Avery a voice while calling attention to this deadly disease. I wrote a post in my other blog From The Cluttered Mind Of K.D.Storm Avery Lynn Canahuati: Angel Has Gone To Heaven about her, the blog, and SMA yesterday. Please check it out or go straight to Avery’s Blog at Avery's Bucket List . Inspite her passing her parents are still working hard to bring attention to SMA.

So please stop by and check out the blog (You will need tissues). Leave a comment to her family to let them know that they are in your prayers. Let’s help bring awareness to SMA and hopefully in time find a cure.

Fear of Not Being Good Enough

Like a lot of my blogging/writing peers I wrote for the A to Z challenge 2012. I am proud to say that I completed this challenge for not one but two blogs (Not easy by any means). To come up with a topic for every letter of the alphabet can be a bit of a challenge. Making sure it is different from everyone else’s post makes it twice as hard.

During this challenge another fear crept within my brain. What if no one reads my posts? What if my posts are so awful and bland that no one thinks I am good enough to be a writer? What if I am not good enough to be a writer period?

I know that I should not care about what others think. I should just write to write. Most days I do. I have a hope chest full of pieces that will never see the light of day but I enjoyed writing them all the same but sometimes there is that little voice that wants to be accepted by others. Call it a throwback from my teenager years for that desire of wanting approval.

I know that I shouldn’t care but the fact is that I do care. I mean if I am not good enough for others to want to read my work then how am I going to make a living writing. Part of being a writer is having others read what you write.

So that is my insecurity for this month. Maybe I am over thinking it all. Maybe it’s all in my head. It is yet another area I will be working on. Thank you for stopping by and please go check out Avery’s Blog as well as help spread the word about SMA. Let’s help start making others aware in order to help maybe one day find the cure.