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About Me

I have decided to take a different approach in how I do my about me page. Instead of writing it out in an essay form I decided to do a series of questions that will maybe give everyone a better idea of who I am as a person and why I do some o the things I do (Okay I am not even sure about the last one. So might not be able to give to much insight into that one)…

Who Am I As A Person?

I am a mother who works a lot in the restaurant/customer service industry (Think gas station, bar, and a mini restaurant). I was born in Florida and raised in Middle Georgia while vacationing in Mobile during the summer before moving there as a teenager. I have four brothers and a sister. I am the oldest child.I have five beautiful children who I love with all my heart (But outside of my son don’t talk about too much because it’s very painful for me.).

I see the world in what I like to believe is a beautiful but complex way. More times than not I treat new experiences in life as a research project that is squirreled away in my brain til a later date to be used in my writing. This could be why others get a bit nervous around me at times.

What Are My Passions In Life?

My main passions in life are my family and my writing. Both are what makes life interesting for me. Both are the reason I am as sane as I am to date. Both teach me. Both accept me for who I am with out restrictions or conditions.

What Is The Point of This Blog?

The point of my blog is to record the ups and downs of my life as a writer and the  world around me in general. This blog gives me a chance to learn from any mistakes I might make as a writer. Exercising my writing brain on those days I can’t write anything else as well as develop friendships with other writers who I can learn from. Along the way it give mee a chance to test out other areas of writing I might not have otherwise (Non-fiction, articles, essays, etc.,).

What Type of Writing Do I Do Overall?

I enjoy most forms of writing but I seem to do my best work with horror/thriller/drama type writings. Those areas of writing seems to let me really push my creative skills to the limits. This is also when I receive the most positive form of feedback.

Who Inspires Me The Most In Life & In My Writing?

My son is the main person who inspires me the most. I want to live by example and not just by saying “You can do anything you set your mind to in life?” Everyday I push myself a little more in order to show him that hard work and determination will get you everywhere in life.

Others who inspire me are those who never give up in life. There are more people than I can count who have made the most out of life. To me they all are heroes.

Other writers who I have read their blogs. They are a lot like me in the fact that they are going after their dreams and it shows me everyday that if I work hard enough I can do it too. You all are an awesome group of people.

Where Do I See Myself In Five Years?

In the next five years I see myself being able to make a modest income doing what I love to do. Write (Crossing fingers). I will have at least four books published and working on my fifth. I will have at least one book on the New York Times Best Sellers List (Crossing toes now). The rest is of course up in the air.

What Do I Enjoy Outside Of Writing?

I enjoy spending time with my son, Connor. Reading of course. Photography is a passion I have discovered I enjoy as an adult. Sometimes I enjoy just sitting quietly and thinking (Doesn’t happen often). I also enjoy singing karaoke for fun when time permits.